How to make an awesome OkCupid profile

We know you're a total catch, but we also know it's really hard to show other people the real you on dating apps. That's why OkCupid has lots of ways for you to make an interesting and unique profile, just like you! 

Are you a visual person?

Are you more of a writer? 

  • Express yourself in your profile prompts.
  • Add explanations to Match Questions for maximum wordage. 
  • When you introduce yourself to someone else, your message will show up on your profile/Discover card along with the rest of your info. That way, when they're deciding whether to Like you or not, they're taking your awesome message into account at the exact same time as everything else- no more judging solely on whether they think your photo is hot or not. 


Be authentic. Don't be afraid to share things about yourself that are quirky, slightly embarrassing, or totally unique to you: they'll make great conversation starters!

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