Why was my account banned?

We expect everyone on OkCupid to treat each other respectfully, with kindness and compassion. We do not tolerate hateful, hurtful, or harassing content on OkCupid.  We consider unsolicited sexual content and messages to be sexual harassment. If we find you to be in violation of our Community Guidelines and/or our Terms of Service we will ban your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

But why was I banned?

If you wish to appeal your ban, you may send us an email but our policy is to not tell people why they were banned. This is to protect the anonymity of the members who may have reported the account, as well as to allow our moderation team to focus on current reports and issues. We will reply to your email if the ban has been reversed and your profile reinstated. 

Who makes these decisions anyway?

We value diversity and inclusion on the moderation team and have highly trained staff members from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of life experiences that help them make informed decisions. 

No but really, why was I banned?

Review our Community Guidelines and photo rules pages for our rules and regulations. 

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