About Incognito

Incognito Mode is a paid subscription on OkCupid. With the subscription, you get:

  • No ads
  • Your profile is invisible to everyone on the site unless you like or message them
  • Turn incognito on or off at any time - you're in control!

Incognito allows you to keep an active profile on OkCupid while being 100% hidden to anyone on the site who you have not already messaged or liked.

Not only will you not appear in Questions, Discover, etc. to anyone you haven’t liked/messaged, if anyone tries to visit your profile who you haven’t liked/messaged, they’ll get a note that your profile does not exist. 

Please note that Incognito is a separate subscription from Basic or Premium, and does not include the features of either.

Incognito Help

Having some trouble with Incognito? We can help make sure you’re flying under the radar.

Are you subscribed?

Incognito is a paid subscription that isn’t included with OkCupid Basic or Premium. If you’d like to find out more about Incognito’s features, you can view it on the site here.

Is Incognito turned on?

You can make sure Incognito is turned on under the “Profile” tab when using the OkCupid app, on your main profile page when using the mobile website, and under your profile menu on the desktop website.   


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m still seeing likes and messages after I’ve subscribed to Incognito.

Any likes or messages you see from other members happened before your account was subscribed to Incognito. Also note that your profile will instantly be available for new likes/messages if you turn off Incognito at any time.

How can I remove any old likes or messages I received before I had Incognito?

If you come across a member that liked your profile when Incognito was turned off, you can block them. Tap on their profile, then the three dots at the top, then “Block”. You can find out more about blocking/hiding other members here.

How do I know for sure that Incognito is working?

You’ll know Incognito is working because you won’t receive any “live” like alerts or messages from other members. Your profile is completely hidden unless you like or message someone first.

I already bought a paid subscription, why am I not seeing Incognito?

OkCupid Basic/Premium and Incognito Mode are separate subscriptions, and have never been combined. If you purchase one, you do not get access to the features for the other.

If I've already messaged someone that hasn't liked me back yet, can I reverse my message and block them?

Nope! If you want to block someone that you've already messaged, you'll have to wait for them to like you back first. Once you message someone, you won't see their profile around the site until you mutually match. Once they like you back, if you no longer like them, you can unmatch/block them.

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