About A-list

A-List, our most popular paid subscription, gives you the following features:

See who likes you

Get the full list of people who like you! We’ll also point them out on Profile and DoubleTake.

Unlimited Likes

Like other people as much as you want!

No ads

This means faster page loads, fewer distractions, and less brainwashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm A-list, can I only see and be seen by other A-list members?

There’s no way to do this; A-List status is entirely hidden. If you’re interested in a greater degree of privacy, you may want to consider Incognito Mode.

Why can't I see a Like I got a notification about?

A benefit of A-List is that you get to see a list of everyone who has Liked you, and you get notified when they Like you.

If you get a Notification that someone has liked you, but you're not seeing them, one of the following might be the case:

  • The other person may have blocked you or unmatched with you 
  • The other person may have deleted their account
  • The other person may be in a moderation hold
  • The other person may have been banned

We  always show you all active/ approved profiles that have liked you! 

On the Who Likes You list, where are the people I've passed?

If you Pass on people who have Liked you, they will be moved to the bottom of the Who Likes You list.

That way, you'll see all of the people Who Like You who you haven't yet Liked or Passed, followed by the people you've already Passed.

If you'd prefer to remove someone from the Who Likes You list entirely, you can block them from their profile.

If you still need help, you can  email a friendly human

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