What's new: August 2019

More information when you match with someone!

This is an exciting release! As you probably know, at OkCupid we help you match on what matters. Now when you match with someone, we'll show you information about them in the message prompt. This will help you write a quality introduction to them based on what matters, and personalized to them.  

Changes to Discovery/Browse Matches

People Who You Like (but haven't messaged yet) will now appear only on the Who You Like page, not in your Discovery/Browse Matches pages. We want Discovery to be a place where you find new people you haven't already Liked, so it's an area for discovery! 🔍
On your Who You Like page, you can visit everyone's full profile. If you're interested, send them an intro! If they Like you back, they’ll be moved to your Conversations page so you can message each other.

New version of the iOS app!

OkCupid iOS app version 32.2.0 is now released, and includes some new colors and illustrations for the A-list upgrade page. 
Previously released in August: version 32.0.0 which fixed some very rare instances of crashes that we were seeing, and 32.1.0 which fixed some minor bugs.

New version of the Android app!

OkCupid Android app version 32.0.1 is now released. This release includes profile caching, so when you load a profile you previously looked at in the same session, it should load almost instantly; fixes for some crashes; and some backend support for future new features.

Out to a portion of folks is also Android 32.1.2 which fixes a couple small bugs and also includes caching of questions, so they should load a lot faster now too.

Previously released in August: 31.3.1 which included some minor bug fixes and stabilized the app to help avoid some crashes we were seeing. 

Want to see what you missed from last month? What's new on OkCupid: July 2019 includes fun releases like a new "Recommended for you" section in DoubleTake, fixes to the "Enter to Send" message option on desktop, pop-out messaging on desktop, new versions of the iOS and Android apps, and improvements to our help pages.

Success story of the month

Adam is one of the Android engineers at OkCupid. He met his girlfriend, Meagan, on the app in May of 2018. The two of them hit things off immediately with their shared love of puns (or maybe just Adam's cheesy pick-up lines). They had a wonderful first date, starting off with a sunny walk through Prospect Park and ending with a classy Buffalo Wild Wings dinner. Little did they know that would foreshadow their ability to enjoy any environment together. From suit and tie holiday parties to late nights at the Punderdome, from Netflix to Alamo Drafthouse, these two are just happy to experience life together.

Be original! Don't just send a 'Hey', and don't send a cheesy pick-up line you stole from Reddit, either. Absolutely no eggplant emojis. Read their profile, and start a conversation about something you found! Did they say they like reading? Ask them about a book that has really influenced them. Is one of their pictures from a vacation? Ask them about the highlight of their trip.
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