You may have noticed something pretty exciting in your Likes tab on the app and the website:

An Intros tab! This is the place where you'll be able to easily see the people who have sent you an Intro message.

(as a reminder, an Intro is a first message from someone that you haven't Liked yet. Once you Like each other, it transforms into a Conversation and moves to the Conversations page)

If you're a paid member, you can see all of your Intros at once.

If you don't have a paid subscription, you'll see one Intro message at a time. You can visit the person's profile to see the full Intro they sent you. Like them to move them to the Conversations page, or Pass on them to see the next Intro.


For real?!
For real.

Will people who've sent me Intros still show up in Discover?
Yep! You'll still see people who've sent you Intros in Discover.

Will people who've sent me Intros still show up on my Who Likes You list?
Yep! If you're a paid member, you'll see people who've sent you Intros in both your Who Likes You and Intros pages.

I got a notification that I received an Intro, but my Intros tab is empty!
That means the Intro is no longer on OkCupid OR that you have passed on the profile that sent you the intro. Your Intros tab will show all the new Intros you've received from accounts that are still active on OkCupid and who you have not yet passed on. 

I am a long-time user, and I have a paid membership, and I've noticed something weird.
Well spotted! The Intros tab will show you all the Intros you've received since January 1st, 2018, and will continue to show you all the new Intros you receive from here on out. If someone sent you an Intro prior to 1/1/18, you'll still see them in your Who Likes You page with the Intro snippet. 

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