Finding/ searching and adjusting who you see

Now we've made it even easier than ever for you to tell us who you're looking for! 

  • You can now set preferences for diet, smoking, pets, and more that apply for everyone you see on OkCupid. To edit these preferences, simply visit your profile and click on "Looking For" on the sidebar. 

  • We will take this new information about who you are and the type of people you’re interested in to suggest better matches for you on OkCupid. 
  • To be seen by more people, you'll also want to add more information about yourself! Simply visit your profile and click on the COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE banner.

  • This means there is no longer a separate "Search" section; instead your search preferences are set throughout OkCupid.

    You'll see the banner on the search page indicating you should update your preferences while we roll out this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this change?

We want to help you match on what matters, and these updates make it easier than ever!

Where is Match Search?

As you may remember, Match Search used to allow you to select separate preferences than the ones in your Looking For section of your profile. This led to confusion, as it was unclear which settings controlled which parts of OkCupid (for example, people thought that their Search settings affected DoubleTake, which they didn't). Now that we have one place for your settings, Match Search is redundant.

What can I set preferences for?

  • Background Preferences- Languages, Ethnicity, Religion, Politics, Education, Employment, Astrological Sign
  • Lifestyle - Alcohol, Smoking, Marijuana, Diet 
  • Family - Have Kids, Want Kids, Pets  
  • Looks - Body Type, Height
  • For non-monogamous people - Your match’s relationship status

Can I set hard filters?

Your preferences let us know what you'd like to match on. We will always show you people who meet all of your preferences first. However, there may be times where no one matches your preferences perfectly. If this is the case, you'll see people slightly outside of your preferences. 
We do not currently have any hard filters, but if something is critical you can still search by people's answers to questions (see below). 

How can I....

  • See people with specific interests/ Search by question/ Search by essay text  
    That's why we made this change! Now we'll show you other people who are vegan, pet lovers, smokers, etc. to you everywhere on OkCupid, not just in Search.

    First, what are you searching for? Maybe it’s something like “Are you a vegan?” If so, it could be already covered by your preferences that you've set, so there's no need to search for it separately any more!

    If you do want to search by question or keyword, this is available in Discovery on desktop/ full computer view, just look for the search bar that says "Search 5k+ questions for free". We've made this FREE for all users, instead of an A-list only feature, as it was in Search.  Stay tuned for app options!

    You can also search for essay text/ keyword in Discovery via the "What are you into?" search box. 
  • See more than one person at once
    For now, you can see 5 people at a time in each Discover section on the computer. You can scroll through these sections to see even more at a glance, before clicking into one profile.  
    On apps, the screen size makes it easier to look through one profile at a time, but stay tuned for some future updates. 
  • Sort by online, attractiveness/ popularity, match percentage, etc
    We'll be launching some additional features to address this soon!

If you still need help, you can  email a friendly human

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