New to OkCupid is Stacks! šŸŽ‰

Stacks is a feature in Discover that allows you to view matches based on the below categories. 

What are the Stacks?

Question Pros Most Questions Answered
OkCupid Questions determine compatibility. These people have answered the most OkCupid questions.
Free for everyone

Recommended Recommended Just For You
OkCupidā€™s top recommendations based on your preferences.
Free for everyone

Online Recently Online
People recently online are most likely to respond.
Free for everyone

Nearby Nearby people in your area.
Free for everyone

Popular Connect with some of the most popular people.
Check for daily dynamic pricing

New People Connect with people who just joined OkCupid.
Check for daily dynamic pricing

All Stacks except Recommended have a daily limit of 10 votes. Recommended is unlimited. 

Why don't I see one of the Stacks?

We will only show you a Stack if there are enough people who match your preferences. You could consider expanding age, distance, or other preferences to see more people. 

Does this mean you're hiding New/ Popular people from me if I don't pay?

Nope! If you want to focus your search or see them all at once, you can pay to see the Stack, but new and popular people will show up in other Stacks too.

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