What's New: July 2020


New to OkCupid is Stacks! 🎉 Stacks is a brand new feature in Discover that allows you to view matches based on commonly requested categories. Read more here.

Your search preferences now apply site-wide 

  • You can now set preferences that apply for everyone you see, including smoking, pets, diet, and more. To edit these preferences, simply visit your profile and click on "Looking For" on the sidebar. 
  • We will take this new information about who you are and the type of people you’re interested in to suggest better matches for you on OkCupid.  Your preferences will be applied site-wide. 
  • Read more here.

⚡️ Apps

  • The latest version of our  iOS App is 44.0.0
  •  The latest version of our Android App is 43.2.1

⭐️ We are currently only supporting Android app versions 37.3.1 and higher.

Covid-19 help

👀 Want to see what you missed last month? Click here to see what was new in June, including changes to search, Black Lives Matter questions and badge, more options on the Asexual spectrum, LGBTQIA+ questions, Pride themed rainbow messaging, and more!

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