Voter Badge

OkCupid has always empowered people to match on what matters to them — and for many of our daters in the United States, we’ve learned that’s their right to vote. In fact voting has become the biggest turn-on in OkCupid’s history! People who say they are registered voters are 63% more likely to get a match and 85% more likely to receive a message on OkCupid.

Now, registered voters can find the love they deserve, with our new Voter 2020 badge. Daters in the United States will be shown our new matching question, “Are you registered to vote in the 2020 presidential election?” For those who answer “Yes,” the Voter 2020 badge will be immediately added to their OkCupid profile, unless they choose not to display it by answering privately. It’s more important than ever that we find ways to come together during this time, and we hope this is one step towards unity and action. Get the badge by answering the question here now.

Click here to get the badge. Voter Badge

And now it’s even easier to find Registered Voters on OkCupid! The Voter 2020 Stack features everyone in your area who is a registered voter so you can find people who care about the same things you do even faster. Go to the Voter 2020 Stack now.
Click here to find fellow voters. Voter Stack

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