About OkCupid Premium

OkCupid Premium, the highest tier of our memberships, gives you the following features:

OkCupid Basic features

We include all of the perks that OkCupid Basic members enjoy. 

See who Likes you

See the full list of members who've Liked you.

Question answers

See how your matches have answered their public questions, even if you haven't answered those questions yet!


Why can't I Boost?

The old version of Premium (called Premium A-list) included automatic daily Boosts. If you have a legacy membership you'll still have automatic Boosts, but you're not able to control when they're launched. The Boosts will be launched during times when site traffic is at its peak, sometime between 8 pm and midnight, local time. If you'd like more control over when your account is Boosted, you can purchase Boost tokens.

I was a paid member and deleted my account. After restoring my subscription I'm not getting automatic Boosts. Why?

As mentioned above, legacy Premium members still have automatic Boosts. The new version of Premium doesn't have them. When you delete your account, any privileges, discounts, memberships, etc. are lost. We allow you to continue using the membership you purchased, but since your account is brand new, you're considered a new member. New members are only given the updated memberships.

If you still need help, you can email a friendly human.

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