Language Preference in Turkey

Setting Your Language Preference

OkCupid is now available in both English and Turkish, with more languages to come! Below is a guide to help you set your current language preference on OkCupid to either English or Turkish. As always, we're here to help so feel free to email with any additional questions.

If you're using our website on desktop, please look for the dropdown box underneath Language. This allows you to pick either English or Turkish.

If you're using our website through your mobile phone, you'll see a similar Language option. Please use this to pick your preferred language.

If you're using the OkCupid app on your Apple device, you'll need to go into Settings on your device, click on OkCupid, and then select your Preferred Language.

When using an Apple phone you can also update your language and regional preferences through your phone’s General Settings and add Turkish.

As always please reach out to with any questions.

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