What's New: May 2021

Oh hi. Did you miss us?

Back in the day, the good folks on the OkCupid Support team (hi!) compiled a monthly list of changes, updates, etc., and sent it out into the world in an effort to keep our members up to speed with our new features and tweaks to the site/app. It was fun for us and (hopefully) informative for you; then came another wave of COVID cases and lockdowns, political and social turmoil, holidays, staff changes, and before we knew it, the Justin Timberlake/N'Sync memes were everywhere again. It's May. Where has the time gone?

Over the last few months, we've made many changes, including fixing bugs, improving performance, and various aesthetic changes. Most of this would go unnoticed by our members, but there are major updates coming! We're excited about new stuff, and we hope you will be too.

Thank you for participating in Earth Month!

We loved seeing how many of our members signed up to add the Climate Change Advocate badge to their profile! Now that Earth Month has ended the badges are gone, but the problem isn't. If it's something you're passionate about, get involved! We don't have a backup planet, so let's work together to keep this one healthy.

The month of May is really important...

Did you know that May is National Mental Health Month in the United States? The global pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, and so many of us have lost loved ones, gotten sick ourselves, or experienced mental health challenges from the isolation of social distancing. The goal of this month is to bring these struggles to light, reduce the stigma around mental health, and encourage people to seek help if they need it. If you're feeling depressed or stressed out or just want someone to talk to, help is available.

It's also Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. OkCupid stands with the AAPI community in the face of increased violence and hostility. We celebrate our members with Asian and Pacific Islander heritage, and we will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to protect them from any hate motivated by race or nationality.  

Success stories

We'd like to start featuring some success stories in our monthly 'What's New'! If you'd like to be featured, send us a photo of you and your honey (or friend, gaming buddy, any awesome person you met on OkCupid) and a little info about your story, and you may see yourselves on a future 'What's New' page!

⚡️ Apps

  • The latest version of our iOS App is 53.0.0
  •  The latest version of our Android App is 53.0.0

⭐️ We are currently only supporting Android app versions 37.3.1 and higher.

Covid-19 help

Check the latest guidelines from the CDC.

Struggling with your mental health? Help is available.

Authored by Teresa Beard, Senior Customer Experience Analyst

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