I'm Vaccinated profile badge

The "I’m Vaccinated" profile badge is now available to all OkCupid daters! We hope this profile badge helps daters connect in a way that helps them to feel safer, and encourages them to get the vaccine when available to them.
When you respond YES to the OkCupid question ‘Do you want to add a badge to your profile to tell others you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine?’ the "I’m Vaccinated" badge will appear on your profile. You can also remove the badge from your profile by changing your answer at any time. Your vaccination status will only be shared on OkCupid if you opt into the "I’m Vaccinated" profile badge. You can opt-out at any time, and your information will be deleted as soon as the badge expires.
OkCupid does not verify or endorse that people who add the "I’m Vaccinated" badge to their profile have received a vaccination, or are medically safe. This information is solely self-reported by users, and we encourage all daters to continue to follow safe dating practices, and all safety guidelines, issued by medical and government organizations. OkCupid cannot guarantee that a member will not contract or be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus.
Shortly after the "I’m Vaccinated" profile badge becomes available, the Vaccinated Stack will be available as well. The Vaccinated Stack will feature everyone in your area with the "I’m Vaccinated" profile badge!
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