Identity Tags

We’ve created a dedicated space where our LGBTQ+ users can choose from 60+ identities to signal to other users who they really are and how they identify. Not only can OkCupid daters select these identities so they can share more about themselves with others, but they can also use them to filter for the types of people and relationships they’re looking for by setting them as preferences when searching for a match. 

Developed in consultation with staff and community experts, including the Human Rights Campaign — the nation’s largest LGBTQ rights organization — these 19 identities will be in addition to the 22 gender options and 20 orientation options we currently have.

To update your details and preferences, simply go to each via your profile. You can change them at any time, and select as many as you’d like. These new identity tags are being released on all platforms and will soon be available to all OkCupid users who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community 🌈

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