I'm Pro-Choice

The I’m Pro-Choice profile badge is now available to all OkCupid daters in the US! 

At OkCupid, we support our users’ right to choose. So we’re excited to offer the brand-new I’m Pro-Choice badge that users who want to show their support of reproductive rights can add to their profile. Every user in the US who answers YES to the question ‘Do you want to add the Pro-Choice badge to your profile demonstrating your support of reproductive rights?’ will get the badge, and for everyone who does, OkCupid is donating $1 to Planned Parenthood (up to $50,000). 

You can answer the question here. You can also remove the badge from your profile by changing your answer at any time. Shortly after the I’m Pro-Choice profile badge becomes available, the Pro-Choice Stack will be available as well. The Pro-Choice Stack will feature everyone in your area with the I’m Pro-Choice profile badge!

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