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What to share on your profile

The more you add to your OkCupid profile that’s specific to you, the more likely you are to connect with interesting, likeminded people. Your responses to profile prompts show potential matches who you are and why they should date you. 

You can add words or photos to your OkCupid profile, so no matter how you prefer to express yourself, you'll have a way to share more about yourself with others. 

Here are some tips:

Don't be afraid to be weird
The best conversation starters are things that are unique to you and make you stand out from the crowd. Think about things that are a little quirky about yourself that you'd enjoy talking about with others. Maybe you have an interesting hobby, or an unusual pet, or are a superfan of an obscure band.

Be yourself 
If you're looking for a genuine relationship, then you have to put the real you out there. After all, if you end up dating someone long-term, they're going to get to know the real you eventually! Being open and honest is often charming: it's far better to say you love quiet nights in if that's the truth, rather than pretending you love hiking or nightclubbing. 

Speak out
Today more than ever, people want to date people who care about the same things they do. Share your support of causes and it's likely you'll find someone else who agrees. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words
You can add a photo to any essay prompt instead of writing something. Often a photo can say more about you! Also, pictures uploaded to your Profile Essays don't have to be of you, so feel free to share artwork you've made, photos of your pets, that awesome vegetable garden you spent all summer working on, or that trip you took last year. 
Remember: all photos must follow our photo rules. We'd hate to delete them! 

Spell Check 
Over 75% of people say they’re less likely to respond to someone who has spelling mistakes in their profile. No harm in a quick proofread.

Photos in essays don't have to be of you, but they DO have to follow our other photo rules:

1. You must own rights to post the photo (no copyright material, and no memes)
2. No nudity/ sexual imagery; nothing offensive, illegal or hateful
3. No contact info in the photo

How to fill out the prompts 

We've made it easy for you to find something to talk about, as we have 50 profile prompts for you to choose from. Here are a few examples:

  • On a typical Friday night I am...
  • This is the saddest song ever written:
  • For our first date, let's...
  • I'd like to be known for my...

If you don’t want to fill out a section, just leave it blank. You'll still see the prompt when you view your profile (in case you want to answer it later) but no one visiting your profile will see it.

Editing your profile is easy on the web and on the app: click/tap the pencil icon next to what you want to edit. For example, to edit a profile prompt, click/tap the pencil icon next to that prompt!

If you'd like to add a photo to your essay instead of writing, just tap the photo icon on the bottom right.


We also have a Topics section where you can choose many more things to write about based on your passions and hobbies:

Just like profile prompts, each topic shows you multiple prompts to choose from, but these are based on interests instead.

Once you choose topics and write about them/ add a photo to them, they'll show on your profile. You'll also see other people who care about the same topics that you do on the home page of OkCupid (website) and Discovery (app).

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If you still need help, you can email a friendly human.

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