How to upload and adjust photos

Uploading a photo:

To upload a photo to your Photos of You album, go to  your profile, and click on the photo at the top of the page. Then choose which album you want to add a photo to by clicking on the album cover.

"Photos of you" pictures must be of yourself. See our full photo rules here

If you click upload (or if you originally clicked the Add button from your profile) you'll be able to choose where the photo is: "Facebook", "My Computer", or "Instagram".

Once you select the photo, you can edit the thumbnail that will be visible. This does not crop the entire photo- if someone clicks on the thumbnail, they will see the full picture, so if you want to edit out something from the image, you'll need to do it before uploading.

Profile Essays

You can also upload photos to your Profile Essays. We have a bunch of prompts about all sorts of topics, and you can enter text or photos or both to answer the prompts.
This is a great place to show off your tattoos, pets, places you've travelled, etc. Photos in your essays do not have to be of you but they do have to be photos you have taken/ have copyright over. See our full photo rules here and read more about how to edit your essays here.

Reordering and Removing: 

On the website
Go to the sidebar on the right side of the photo album page. You will see a 'remove' link next to each image, and you can reorder your photos by dragging the 3-horizontal lines up or down.

On the app
To upload a new photo on the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom navigation bar to go to your profile.

From there, tap your profile photo at the top of the page to open your Photos of You album.

Tapping the plus sign on that page will give you the option of selecting a photo from your phone’s library, or taking a new photo right then and there! 

To change the order of your photos on the app, press and hold the photo, and then drag it to where you'd like it to be.

To delete photos on the app, press and hold the photo. 
On the iOS app, you will see an ‘X’ on the bottom right of the photo. Tap the ‘X’ and confirm to delete.
On the Android app, you will see a trash can icon appear at the top of the page. Tap the icon to delete.

Photo Rules

Pictures must follow our photo rules. Please follow the rules! We’ll be sad if we have to delete your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my photo upload?

The minimum size for a photo is 400 x 400 px, so make sure the photo is large enough to be accepted. We don't have a way to resize photos built into OkCupid. 

My photo uploaded sideways, what do I do?

If you’re on the app or desktop website, the photo should upload exactly as it’s saved on your device. You may want to check the original to make sure it’s saved the way you’d like it to be! There are some operating systems which will let you rotate the view of a photo without actually fully changing the photo itself, so the photo may show as rightside up on your device but then not on OkCupid.

If you’re uploading photos from the mobile website, you may experience a known issue in which some photos are being automatically rotated when they’re uploaded. Sorry about that! If you jump to the app or the full website, this shouldn’t happen.

There’s no way to rotate a photo once it’s uploaded to OkCupid, you'll have to reupload it.

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