How to Use DoubleTake

DoubleTake shows you the profile information of one potential match at a time. DoubleTake offers a look at each person’s individuality right from the start, so you can connect with others in a more meaningful way. It shows photos and highlights each member’s personality and profile, helping you better convey your individuality -- whether a love for politics, craft beer, dogs, the outdoors, or art.

How to use DoubleTake

On the app, you can jump to a member's full profile from DoubleTake by tapping anywhere on the page.

On the web, you can click "view profile" to visit their profile.

You can Like a profile on the web by clicking the star icon. You can pass them on the web by clicking the x icon.

You can Like a profile on the app by dragging the profile card to the right. You can skip them on the app by dragging the profile card to the left.

When you are using DoubleTake, if you and another member both Like each other or slide each other's photos into the 'heart' pile, then we'll let both of you know for free.  

Finding people you Like

You can find people you’ve rated by clicking the “star” icon at the top of any page on OkCupid on the web. On the app, tap on the star icon in the bottom navigation row, and then on "You Like".

Finding people who have liked you

If you and another user Like each other, we’ll always let both of you know, for free.

Seeing a full list of people who Like you is an A-List only feature. If you are A-list, you will see the full list of people who like you as an extra tab next to the list of who you like. 

Unliking People

Changed your mind? No problem! To unlike someone, just click/tap the star icon on their profile, or on your Who You Like list.

Don’t Want To Receive DoubleTake Emails?

Go to the Notification Settings page. Find the options that read “New Likes” and “Mutual Likes”. To receive these emails, check the box; to opt out of them, uncheck it. Click “Save” to save your setting.

My DoubleTake Matches Aren’t What I’m Looking For!

DoubleTake goes by the "Looking For" section of your profile and your listed location, and your overall match percentage with the member, and not any of your other advanced search features in Match Search (such as height, ethnicity, etc. - those apply to Match Search only). 

To see users that meet specific criteria, you can always use Match Search to filter however you’d like!

My DoubleTake Matches Are Too Far Away!

DoubleTake on the app is based on a profile's listed location. If you're seeing people from too far away, please check your profile's "I'm looking for" section -- if you've said that you're looking for people located anywhere, DoubleTake will show you people from anywhere. You can adjust this by changing the "I'm looking for" setting to "Near me."

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