How to use bookmarks

If you really want to take your time with someone's account before you Like them or send them an introductory message, you can bookmark them. 

On the web, your Bookmarks page is here. To reach this page without the direct link, click on the small thumbnail photo of yourself on the top right of any page on OkCupid. From there, you'll see a link to go to your Bookmarks.

On the app, you'll find the Bookmarks page inside the Discovery tab (look for the magnifying glass in the bottom navigation bar). From there, tap on "See All" and then on the Bookmarks tab.

Please note: once you've messaged someone, you will only see them in your conversations page (once they've liked your profile or replied to your message), not anywhere else, including the Bookmarks page. This is because they're already highlighted in your conversations page, and you've already taken that first step of messaging them! The bookmarks page is a place for people you haven't reached out to yet. 

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