What makes OkCupid different and what matters to us

There are a lot of options out there right now for online dating. You're probably looking around and testing out a few. Maybe they all seem pretty similar, and maybe you're getting a bit overwhelmed by it all. 

Well, here at OkCupid we do things differently. Here's the mission statement that we live by: 

OkCupid exists to serve the most fundamental and transformative human need - to find love and happiness through meaningful relationships with deep human connections.

This isn't just a motivational poster up in our offices. It's really something that we live and breathe every day. We're working to help you find love and happiness, no matter who you are. We want you to find a real, meaningful connection based on what matters to you.

Here's how we do it:

😁 We know you’re more than just a selfie

OkCupid's full, detailed profiles let you show who you are, and what matters to you. With 50 profile prompts and thousands of match questions, we make sure people see the real you. You can also upload those selfies, because those can be fun too -- but we know they’re not everything.

✅ Our matching algorithm

We use math to get you dates. Our algorithm looks at your preferences, and how you answer match questions, to find the people perfect for you. The best news: you’ll only see people who are looking for you, too!

💸 We’re free!

Free accounts on OkCupid include seeing your potential matches, Liking and being Liked (we’ll always let you know if you like each other, for free), and sending and receiving messages. You can do all the important stuff, for free, always. 

🌈 We enthusiastically welcome EVERYONE (as long as you're not a jerk)

We know sexuality is more than binary, and we were the first dating site to offer expanded gender and orientation options. With 22 genders and 12 orientations to select from, we’re invested in making sure your profile reflects you. We also allow you to choose your own pronouns and answer a ton of questions about your identity, and our advertising campaign enthusiastically shows people in a diverse range of partnerships. We also welcome people who are in non-monogamous relationships. So no matter who you are, you're welcome here. 

🙌 Our team

We want OkCupid to be an awesome place for you to find dates, and we work hard to make it the best it can be. From our super empathetic support team and our dedicated crew of moderators who work tirelessly to keep OkCupid free of things you’d rather not see, we’re going all-out to make sure you like it here. Check us out.

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